The approach 

Artistic appoach

Charlotte has founded the company so as to make a joyful, necessary and bold theater ! One play at a time, the approach structures itself. Over time and with group spirit. Working on non-theatrical writings (for what they could do to drama), nourished with social sciences (for what they could do to the world), we made our first creation cycle. We questioned how and why some voices and some bodies are still invisible in the public area. In the process, we discovered our very own theatrical language and our very own way of being on stage.

Social approach

We work for a real artistic and cultural democracy !  We try to offer access to art and creation for everybody, everywhere, by proposing workshops, masterclasses, shared creations…So as to build new stories, new actors, new audience. Building another world is possible !

Ecological approach

Facing climate emergency, we feel that “eco-responsibility” is not enough. Deep inside us, changes are on their way and we believe it will have a great influence on our way of making theater. We don’t know how, not yet. But we will talk about “it” for our next creation cycle…

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