“Putting an end to the idea that we are representation makers or show makers, for a room full of voyeurs who would look at a final object; an object that they would consider as “beautiful” and offered to their admiration.”

Claude Régy in Espaces Perdus (Lost Spaces)

Our philosophy

When we create, we willingly put ourselves facing something that we don’t know yet. Facing a new object, we have no choice but to learn again how to learn. Our work is to extract the precise form of this precise object.  This is what our discipline (theater, but art in general) demands us. It takes time, patience, humility. But then, when we make it, we find ourselves full of hopes and powers. And then we know, precisely because we have made it, that every one of us carries an infinity of other possible worlds.


Les Papavéracées

Both a creation cycle and a triptych, THE VOICE OF THE ABSENTEES is the work Les Papavéracées made from 2017 to 2023, when they were associate artists with La Maison du Théâtre in Amiens. It is a human and artistic experience that transformed our theatrical landscape : there is room for other stories, other bodies, other ways of doing things.

“A theater in which necessity, joy, boldness, realism, beauty, poetry and commitment can live together and sublimate one  another.”

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F**** COUNTRY ! 

Stage adaptation of the book by Younes Amrani et Stéphane Beaud
© Editions La Découverte (2004)

First play of the company, F**** COUNTRY ! is a crucial experience for Les Papavéracées. It is about honoring a rare writing gesture (the one of Younes Amrani) and the sociological friendship that made it possible (the one of Stéphane Beaud) by inventing a theatrical language that can answer rightfully this raw political situation. Performed more than 80 times, it is still an emergency to hear those words.

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Theatrical variation with the book by Annie Ernaux
© Editions Gallimard (1987)

Second play of the company, A WOMAN is the decisive encounter with Annie Ernaux’s writing. After that, we needed to SAY her words and to DO to the theater field what her words did to literature and to her readers. We had to deconstruct our own tools before rebuilding our own “ place”. For a rehabilitation of ordinary lives and ordinary people.

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Les Papavéracées
Collective stage writing

CHILDHOOD(S) [ so, this has to be a manifesto]

Third play of the company, CHILDHOOD(S) is our first collective stage writing. From our own memories - the ones of kids who were born in the middle of the 1980’s -  we composed a theatrical selfportrait, as the poem of a whole generation. By doing that, we conquered and discovered unknown words and existences - our own !

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