Shared creations

We are convinced that direct access to art begins with an emancipatory practice, so, we have imagined our creations as SHARED CREATIONS. It means that our plays can reawaken desires of action for some people in the audience. If that happens, we must be ready to welcome them and offer them an environment to achieve what they have to do. So, we offer time (a long one, because it’s the only way of creating links) and space to experiment other ways of doing things together.

“Theater gave me a weapon I didn’t possess : words.”

Emie in Words of Youth. 

words of youth

Participative project in theater and social sciences. 
The project has taken place in 2017-2018 in a partnership with several entities in Amiens (Maison du Théâtre -city theater, Léo Lagrange Cultural Center, le Chaudron - theater of the students, Social and Cultural center of Etouvie, Guy Mareschal Highschool). We have worked with 3 groups and with the intervention of the political popular education cooperative “L’Etincelle” for the social sciences. 3 artistic and intellectual “objects” were born. It was the opportunity for young people to speak out and make their voices loud in the public area. A social and artistic emergency.

words of childhoods

Participative project with children.
In 2021-2022, we were creating our play “CHILDHOOD(S)”. In the meanwhile, we worked with 2 groups of children on the SHARED CREATION “Words of Childhoods”. The project took place thanks to 2 partnerships (the Léo Lagrange Social and Cultural Center in Roye and the city of Saint-Quentin). We took the time (3 weeks between October and April) and we offered the kids to create their own play, from what they wanted and needed to say, at this time of their lives. It was a brand-new situation for those children : adults don’t often ask them what they think about life and the state of the world. The 2 groups met each other when they performed their plays in front of an audience.


Each one of our plays can lead to a SHARED CREATION (Words of….). Every project is unique and we would be more than thrilled to build it with the people and the locations that would welcome us !  Contact us !

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