Working for a real artistic and intellectual democracy : facing this great question, we don’t have ready-made answers. But we have (several) experiences and the will to invent with people places and moments of meetings and sharing. With who they are and with who we are.

Everybody has a culture. But everybody doesn’t have access to art and knowledge. So, we must build space-times to make that happen. And then, we can see that everybody is able to think and to make art. Art and thought can grow anywhere. As long as we give it the time, the care and the love it needs. Going against today’s trend, we keep making these islets live.

“Direct access to art and knowledge for everybody, everywhere”


We are convinced that direct access to art begins with an emancipatory practice, so, we have imagined our creations as SHARED CREATIONS. It means that our plays can reawaken desires of action for some people in the audience. If that happens, we must be ready to welcome them and offer them an environment to achieve what they have to do. So, we offer time (a long one, because it’s the only way of creating links) and space to experiment other ways of doing things together.

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Ever since the company exists, we are committed to spread the taste for theater (and more generally, for art and knowledge) to everybody. Listening to the needs of the audience and aware of the realities of the entities we work with, we are used to building custom-made projects. If you have an idea or a desire, we are here to accompany you along the way. From articulating the project to making it happen !

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