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The life of les Papaveracées is fragile. We largely depend on public funding. Public funding is decreasing, and it falls short of building a genuine artistic and cultural democracy. Today, we are struggling to survive and continue our work.
In this context, we are launching a long-term fundraising campaign, and we need YOU.


We don't do theater alone. It's impossible. Theater is a strange thing that happens precisely between people on stage and people watching people on stage. It's the ephemeral miracle of an encounter.
We do theater with you. Women, men, of all ages and backgrounds, with your stories, sensitivities, and unique perspectives. You too are actors because you give meaning to what we do.
Theater is a living art. It circulates ideas, emancipates minds and bodies, and nurtures hearts. Each of our projects brings its share of discoveries, sharing, and learning. We come out of it transformed.
Theater is a public good. These are not just words; it is the reality we have been defending for the past 10 years with people, in territories and places that are willing to welcome us. It is a reality that needs to be fueled like a good fire and preserved as a common good.



Within your means, anything is possible!

One-time donation
It fits in the present moment and can reinforce a specific, current project—the economy of the moment. It comes at just the right time and has the effect of a pleasant surprise!

Monthly donation
Choosing to support us like supporting a local food cooperative (AMAP) or subscribing to an independent newspaper. This donation extends over time and allows us to project into the future. It forms a financial foundation that we can rely on!

Every donation counts and helps us in our efforts for an ambitious, demanding, and independent artistic and vibrant approach!
Join us in this adventure too!

Practically :
As a registered non-profit organization, we can provide you with a receipt, enabling you to benefit from an income tax or corporate tax reduction.