In school and academic environment

Working into specific devices or upon request, we are used to working with classes of all levels from school to university. We work on occasional projects as well as on extended projects, always in coconstruction with the teachers. Practicing theater encourages group cohesion and the enjoyment of making something together. These experiences are always full of insights for everybody.


Discovering and appropriating the theatrical bases and tools that encourage a free and joyful expression ! We work with several entities (social and cultural centers; medico-social centers; academic environment…) and with different audiences (children, teenagers, adults; intergenerational groups; groups in situation of disability: people in reinsertion programs…)

The creative workshops

We intervene to create short forms with the participants for specific events, in the public area,  in theaters, elsewhere…

Laboratory workshops

We offer laboratory workshops for beginners and non-beginners on specific subjects (acting with masks; the Thetrical Chorus; stage writing; multidisciplinary practice…)


We adress to an audience that wants to go further and we offer deepenings cycles of work (about stage directing, acting, stage writing, light designing…)

Meetings and events

In link with our creations and our questions, we coorganize events about specific themes.(“Theater and Social Sciences” a day of debates and shows ; “The uses of the work by Annie Ernaux” debate and meeting for the creation of “A Woman”; “Third Places // Third Theater : for a desirable and joyful future !” meeting during the Avignon OFF Festival 2023).

Ephemeral Popular university

We organize an Ephemeral Popular University (workshops, masterclasses, meetings) for a specific event. 


Ever since the company exists, we are committed to spread the taste for theater (and more generally, for art and knowledge) to everybody. Listening to the needs of the audience and aware of the realities of the entities we work with, we are used to building custom-made projects. If you have an idea or a desire, we are here to accompany you along the way. From articulating the project to making it happen !