I offer to make Younes’ words visible on a stage - because I have never seen them in a theater. 
I offer to say those words on a stage so that we can give them the value of the most beautiful poem - because they enable to make some things sensitive that have never been told like that. 
I offer to feel the friendship that exists between Younes and Stéphane - because it gives strength and spirit. 
I offer to listen to Younes’voice (and through his voice, to the voice of a whole sacrificed generation) - because I believe it’s an emergency. 

Charlotte Le Bras


Duration 1h15

With Karim Abdelaziz, Arthur Dumas and Agathe Fredonnet (Chorus of Younes), Caroline Lerda (Stéphane Beaud) and Charlotte Le Bras (Corypheus)

Stage director Charlotte Le Bras 
Assistant Caroline Lerda
Lighting design Nathan Teulade
Choreography Sylvie Troivaux-Kafando
Wood frame building Etienne Meunier
Additional music Even in the quietest moments Supertramp

Administration Lucie Houlbrèque
Diffusion Manon Depoisson et Fanny Spiess
Communication Alice Bodineau


Stage adaptation of the book by Younes Amrani et Stéphane Beaud
© Editions La Découverte (2004)

In 2002, Younes Amrani is 28 years old and he works in a library as a Youth employee. He reads the book “80% of graduates, what happens after ?”, an investigation by the sociologist Stéphane Beaud. The reading overwhelms him and helps him understand his own academic career and his sense of failure. He writes an email to thank the sociologist. This is the beginning of a correspondence that will last more than a year…