Nathan Teulade

lighting design

In 2012, he entered the “world of technique” by a training of “arts performing polyvalent technician” at the IRPA school in Lyon. This training allowed him to discover the work environment, the technical vocabulary and the job. He then decided to commit to the work of light. He is hired  as a technical coordinator for 3 years at the theater Espace 44 in Lyon. 
Along with this very formative job (formative technically and artistically), he continued his training by working with several theaters and companies. 
Since 2016, he works as a light designer or a stage manager for several companies (Cie des Lumas, Cie Françoise Maimone, Cie d’Alice, Collectif le Bourdon, Collectif Le Point Zéro, Cie Myriade…)
He works with the company Les Papavéracées since 2017 and has created the light designs of the 3 plays of the cycle “THE VOICE OF THE ABSENTEES” (2017-2023).

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