“Third Places // Third Theater : for a desirable and joyful future !”


At a time when for many of us (keeping on) making theater seems to be difficult, the words “Third Places” and “Third Theater” can open the path for other imaginaries and other ways of doing things, intrinsically linked to ecology and “well living”. This meeting has been imagined as the beginning of a collective thinking overtime. This first encounter will be the opportunity to come back on the historical terms “Third Places” and “Third Theater” and the opportunity to share experiences with people who make those words live on until today.

Date : July 16th 2023
Time : 2pm to 3:30 pm
Location: Village du OFF
Free entrance

Guest speakers

Emilie Pamart – Lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences, Université d'Avignon
Ariana De Sanctis – Lecturer in Theater and Ethnoscenology, Université Côte d’Azur
Jordi Castellano - president of La Halle Tropisme, Third Place (Montpellier)
Marie Attard – production director, Playtime, collective, permanent resident of the Third Place Les Herbes Folles (Toulouse)
Damien Baillet – founder of la Ferme Agriculturelle (Avignon)
Gregorio Amicuzi – artistic director, Residui Teatro, theatrical group (Madrid, Espagne)

Moderation: Mathieu Méric, teacher and reviewer
Co-organisation : Compagnie Les Papavéracées et LaScierie

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