We didn’t make it unscathed from our encounters with the writings of Younes Amrani and Annie Ernaux. The “right” way of answering them is to do the same thing as them, with theater, our very own place. We are going to confront our own stories and our own writings, in an attempt to make a “common memory”. Childhood seems to be the right way of entering this piece of work. I have the feeling that stage writing will come before the text writing. I believe that it’s the right way to go when you work on childhood. Because if childhood is the body (the word child comes from the latin infans that means the one who does not speak yet), then, we will have to write with everything that makes the body (sensations, moves, shivers). The authors-actors will have to write with their “art of feeling” : playing. The words will come afterwards. But then, maybe, they will just be the right words of childhood(s). 

Charlotte Le Bras – September 2020

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