Charlotte Le Bras

stage directing, writing, acting

Charlotte has always been attracted by theater in all of its dimensions. Practice (she was a theater school trainee for 3 years) and Theory (she graduated from the University of Provence with a research master degree). After that, she fully dedicated her work to creation, with different companies (director’s assistant to Nathalie Garraud with the DUZIEU Company; acting and stage writing with LA CABINE LESLIE; co-founder of the CHARLIE BRASQUET Company). In 2015, she founded the Company Les Papavéracées to make her first cycle as a stage director. It became “THE VOICE OF THE ABSENTEES” (2017-2023) and gave birth to 3 plays : “F…. COUNTRY” in 2017, “A WOMAN” in 2019 and “CHILDHOOD(S) [so this has to be a manifesto]” in 2023.  This cycle is a crucial theatrical experience for her and it lays the foundations for a larger personal theatrical research. This research is based on 3 inseparable elements : the social world (substance) | theater (form) | the audience (politics). 
With her theatrical language, she tries to bring out a “new” bold way of being on stage : joyful, committed and poetic. 
Charlotte is also committed in a regular pedagogical research and practice since 2014 (workshops, “shared creation”, college interventions…). She works on making accessibility to creation for everybody, everywhere real.

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